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2017/18 Winter Seasonal BatWing

2017/18 Winter Seasonal BatWing

Product #: BTWNG
Length: 9 inches straight from tip to tip- 15 inches around the front from tip to tip.
Material: Caneel $175

This is the first time a non-tamper is being offered as a seasonal piece. It's also the first BatWing being offered for acquisition. It's such a special piece I couldn't resist. I'm not quite sure how large a prototypical bat-a-rang would be but this one is definitely in the ballpark. To add visual interest I created asymmetrical elements that quite achieve their purpose. This would serve well as a centerpiece for a Ming collection. If the person who acquires this wishes we can discuss a complimentary future tamper.

Shipping is a flat rate of $6.00 per package for domestic USPS Priority shipping. Please inquire as to shipping to foreign destinations. USPS Express Mail is available by arrangement and an additional cost. To order, either email me at mingkahuna@aol.com or call at 404-543-1672. Paypal is welcome as is your personal check or money order.

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