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Hobo cigar tool

Hobo cigar tool

Length: 5.45 inches
Material: Caneel- Prototype not for sale

Introducing the Hobo. Sometimes a cigar is so darned good that you just dont want to put it down. But, to go further, you risk burning your fingers. Just spear it with the Hobo and go ahead and finish it off. It can also be used to open up a plugged cigar.

I made this first one this morning and product tested it this afternoon. I couldnt be more pleased with the results. (shown in use before buffing) The pick will be available in a number of metals including stainless steel, brass, nickel silver (shown) and possibly Titanium and Damascus steel. The handle will be made from any number of materials and in a wide variety of shapes although the ergonomics of this particular one is outstanding.

Once again, art that works.

Inquiries are welcome.

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